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Keshet serves as a supportive framework for initiatives and projects designed to respond and provide solutions to multiple communal, cultural, and environmental challenges. Keshet contributes to the empowerment community, and developing the Negev Highlands into a prosperous and sustainable area.

We would love to meet you and share the incredible story of the Keshet Association. We’ll delve into the association’s history and how activism and determined civic action can truly make a difference in the most remote town in Israel.

Keshet’s activities are mainly funded by grants and donations by governmental or private organizations. Your generous donation will allow us to continue to grow and work for the communities of Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev Highlands!

There is a a wide variety of different ways in which you can act together with us for common values! You can attend valuable group volunteering days in various activities. Another way is serving in meaningful roles as part of our projects. sounds interesting? – Talk to us!

Over the years, Keshet has initiated, implemented and assisted dozens of projects for the multitude of communities in Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev Highlands region, alongside various lectures and trainings for the community about environmental, culturae and art events.

Keshet encourages and supports the development of art and culture projects in the Negev in general and Mitzpe Ramon in particular, recognizing culture and art as a basic human need and the foundation of a flourishing community.

Out of an aspiration to preserve the unique landscapes of the Negev Highlands , we are working to increase human commitment to preserving the environment. Keshet promotes environmental issues with professionalism, determination and out of public responsibility.

Keshet works in cooperation with the Bedouin communities in the Negev Highlands, for the sake of promoting the recognition of the villages and the preservation of the Bedouin culture, which is in danger of extinction, with the understanding that we are neighbors living in a common fabric of life and a mutual guarantee.

מצעד הגאווה מצפה רמון
Project's Field:Community
Project's Status: Active
Initiation Date: May 2020
"The Pride Zone" is a social, educational, and community initiative and project that supports the LGBT population in Mitzpe Ramon...
Project's Status: Active
Initiation Date: June 2010
During the past two decades, stone quarries that covered 110 hectares on the northern edge of Mitzpe Ramon were exploited...
Maravit thumb
Project's Status: Active
Initiation Date: December 2017
Amending the environmental shortcomings in the Plan for the new “Western Neighborhood”. Toward the end of 2017, the Plan for...
Keshet naganim
Project's Field:Culture & Art
Project's Status: Active
Initiation Date: November 2017
The Makhtesh Naganim is a one-day music event, held annually in the Ramon Crater (“Makhtesh”) at the Ramon Colors National...

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מאמר זה אינו מקושר למיזם
Date published: 28.06.2020
The village in Wadi Reir is also known as the Hidden Village. It is a small, unusual village in the...

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