Bedouin Experience Tourism Project

The Joint Marketing of the Bedouin Experience Tourism Project intends to unite, under a single banner, all of the Negev Highlands’ Bedouin operators in tourism.

The Bedouins’ traditional way of life is inexorably tied to their immediate, unique natural environment. While their current living conditions have become more sedentary, the collective knowledge and legacy of their traditions and way of life are preserved. This is expressed by their expertise in raising livestock, the preservation of traditional handcrafts and artforms, an intimate knowledge of the local flora, in particular of the herbs and medicinal plants that are found in the vicinity. Also, throughout their history and presence in the region, they have demonstrated their keen understanding of what we now call the local “micro-climate,” i.e., the quality and potential of the soil and its water economy. This collective knowledge and experience place these Bedouin communities at the center of any efforts to this environment, while at the same preserving and sustaining it. Historically, the Bedouins’ way of life, traditions, and knowledge are rooted in the ancient semi-nomadic communities that have roamed and inhabited these areas for many centuries. As such, rooted as they are in the region, they are an important resource for the development of local tourism.

“Experience tourism” is an essential source of income, and instrumental in the preservation and continuation of Bedouin culture and traditions on the Negev Highlands. At the same time, it introduces Bedouin culture and traditions to the public at large.

One of the significant challenges in marketing Bedouin experience tourism is the knowledge of and access to digital marketing tools. The lack of marketing skills among the members of the community is one of the major obstacles to successful marketing campaigns among the public at large, in Israel and abroad.

Therefore, Keshet Association will be working in close cooperation with the Bedouin Experience Project, the Bedouin tourist operators and the communities to develop those skills, to create attractive, and informative digital campaigns.

This will include the creation of a central website, digital marketing tools, and channels. Also, the Bedouin Experience Project will offer it services to tourist agencies, coordinate its activities with the tax authorities, insurance companies and so forth, to assure that the operators can do their work effectively and successfully.

The project’s website will be launched in the next following months.

The Bedouin Experience Project will offer and coordinate the following activities:

  1. An introduction to trails in the desert;
  2. The Bedouin way of goat herding and grazing;
  3. A day out with the goats herds;
  4. Traditional Bedouin weaving;
  5. A taste of traditional Bedouin hospitality;
  6. An introduction to indigenous greens, plants and herbs, and how to identify, find and, possibly, use them;
  7. An introduction to indigenous mushrooms and how to identify and where find them;
  8. A primer in Bedouin bread baking;
  9. An introduction to the traditional Bedouin residential and lifestyle;

Project manager: Nir Wiesler Tel: +972-52-8406268 Mail:

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