Do you dream of a cultural, communal or environmental project suitable for Mitzpe Ramon or the Negev Highlands?

Keshet is the perfect vehicle to transform your dream into reality!

We call on artists, community activists and protectors of the environment to join us and be a part of the vanguard of community in Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev Highlands!

How does it work?

There are many advantages to initiating a project under the auspices of Keshet’s:
  • Advice and continuing support in setting up your project, and follow-up administration.
  • Financial and accounting management.
  • The option to fundraise from private and public donations and government offices.
  • The option to have Keshet help with fundraising.
  • Synergy and collaborations with other projects and initiatives also working under Keshet’s auspices.
If your project is accepted – what will be required of you?
  • Naturally – become a member of the NGO (annual membership dues of NIS 50).
  • Preparation of a detailed work plan, including proposed budget.
  • Sign a contract with Keshet.
  • Start implementing you dream!
Timetable for submitting proposals:

It is possible to submit proposals throughout the year. A response will be made with a month, at most.

In order to begin, fill in the form on this page, and we’ll contact you.
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