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Environment & Development

The Land of Craters is our home!

One of Keshet’s key objectives is to preserve the unique landscape of the “Land of the Craters,” and to ensure that any development in the region is conducted sustainably.

As such, the preservation of the unique environment of Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev Highlands is at the center of the efforts of Keshet’s Environment and Development Department.

Among others, the department monitors the deposition, submission, and updates of all construction plans and master plans tendered for the area, both by the local and regional council.

Keshet’s Environment and Development Department explicit role is to collect, analyze and evaluate all information concerning the planning of those projects that may threaten the natural landscapes, and to support and strengthen the resolve of the community to act upon its findings and recommendations.

The department’s successes include the rehabilitation of damaged areas in Nahal Hava and the stone quarries north of Mitzpe Ramon. Keshet conducted a successful public campaign to oppose a private construction project, adjacent to the Camel Mount neighborhood, close to the edge of the Ramon Crater.

 Ezry Keydar manages the Planning and Environment department

Phone: +972.54.5907158


What projects are we working on now?

These are the projects that are currently active in the Environment & Development department

What have we accomplished?

A partial list of projects and activities that have taken place in the Environment & Development department, over 20 years of activity

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