Kederat Midbar – The Desert Cooking Pot

Kederat Midbar is a social undertaking that aims to increase the interaction and cooperation between the various ethnic and social groups in the local community – with an emphasis on creating opportunities for women to join the workforce. This underlying concept is to promote a sustainable, local economy.

Mitzpe Ramon is small, and remote. In fact, Mitzpe Ramon is the most remote town in all of Israel. However, over the past 70 years, its development has brought together a variety of groups, intertwined into a colorful, multi-cultural community.

In effect, Kederat Midbar aimed to advance the empowerment of women.

It was initiated by women who realized that the rich diversity of Mitzpe Ramon’s local population is also expressed in the abundant availability of ethnic cuisines.

A group of local women began to advertise and offer ethic cooking to visitors, providing not only their cooking but also telling the stories that go with their food’s particular traditions.

Each cook has her own style, taste and unique story. There is the North African cuisine of those who arrived here in the late 1950s; the vegan fare of the Black Hebrew community for which this is the chosen land; the Caucasian cuisine that came here with the immigration waves from the former Soviet republics; or the new Fusion food served by the members of the artistic community.

Visitors get to enjoy a typical home meal at the cook’s home and to hear the cooks’ personal stories.

Kederat Midbar was active during the years 2015-2018. It was supported by Asif Mitzpe.

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