Music In Common

Music in Common is a multi-ethnic musical initiative whose goal is to encourage social meetings between Jewish and Bedouin teenagers leading to joint musical creativity.  The project has had a series of musical encounters between children at the Rabin Hashalom High School in Mitzpe Ramon and the pupils of the Ort Abu-Talul Schol.

During these gatherings, the pupils practice together, and then went on to record video clips.  The meetings are primarily in English (providing extra value for all the pupils).

Through the joint artistic and technological experience the pupils had the chance to get to know each other, reducing prejudices and preconceived opinions, leading to longer term friendships. They also acquired greater ease with using English.

This project is a joint endeavor of Keshet NGO together with the American NGO Music in Common, which encourages identifying common denominators between teenagers from different cultures and religions on the basis of music, multimedia and appearing in public.

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