Scenic View and Man – Geological Studies

To strengthen the connection between the local community and the desert expanse, Keshet sponsored a series of geological courses to expose the community to environmental research and to encourage science-based tourism in the area. The two courses were called “Innovation in researching the Negev Machteshim – Geology, Expanses and Man.”

The course was coordinated by Dr. Yoav Avni, a geologist who has studied the Negev Highlands and the Machteshim for 25 years. Dr. Avni is a long-time resident of Mitzpe Ramon, with ample experience in guiding geological tours.

These geological courses were held in 2012, and again in 2015. Each series included six one-day trips to various sites, with an emphasis on the geology, the scenery, the human factor and presence in the area

Participants came from a wide range of professions and backgrounds, including professional tour guides, geologists, students, and residents.  In addition to the professional aspects of these courses, there was significant added value to the social networking between the participants, many of whom arrived from other Negev towns.

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