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Why do we need donations?

Keshet activities are mainly supported by donations from foundations and private entities.

Your generous donation will enable us to continue to grow and work for the residents of Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev Highlands!

How can I donate?

Click on the 'JGIVE for nonprofits associations' logo to get to our donation page.

You can donate using credit cards.
A donation receipt will be sent directly by JGIVE.

Donation receipts will be recognized for tax purposes in Israel, UK, Canada or the US according to your choice of currency.

Bank transfer can be made directly to the association's account in Israel.

Click here to download a PDF document, containing account information including IBAN and Swift Code (BIC) details. A donation receipt will be sent directly by Keshet

Donation receipts will be recognized for tax purposes in Israel only

General tax information

Keshet faithfully complies with all legal requirements in Israeli law for the administration of a non-profit Association.

Donations to Keshet are therefore tax-exempt under section 46A of the Israeli Tax Code and classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Keshet retains a Confirmation of Proper Administration Certificate from the Companies & Associations Regulator, Ministry of Justice.


Kehset approved annual reports & returns for the last 10 years are available (in Hebrew) on the website of GuideStar Israel.

More Projects

מגיעים לבקר במצפה רמון?

מעוניינים להעשיר את הביקור בתוכן מקומי מרתק?

נשמח לפגוש אתכם ולספר לכם את סיפורה של עמותת קשת, על איך אקטיביזם ופעולה אזרחית נחושה יכולים לשנות מציאות, בישוב המבודד ביותר בישראל.

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