Stone Quarry Restoration Action

During the past two decades, stone quarries that covered 110 hectares on the northern edge of Mitzpe Ramon were exploited by the “Mizpe Stone” company. Once they were abandoned, Keshet, with the active involvement of the public, succeeded in convincing the authorities to rehabilitate and develop the abandoned quarries. First Phase In 2010, the planning […]

Noga Neighborhood Campaign

Amending the environmental shortcomings in the Plan for the new “Western Neighborhood”. Toward the end of 2017, the Plan for the new Western Neighborhood was deposited for objections. The plan for the Western Neighborhood foresees the development of 185 exclusive, single family homes, each on a plot of half a “dunam,” i.e., 500 sq/m. Each […]

The Musicians’ Crater Music Event (Makhtesh Naganim)

The Makhtesh Naganim is a one-day music event, held annually in the Ramon Crater (“Makhtesh”) at the Ramon Colors National Park. It features extraordinary performances, including experimental music. The performances of avant-garde music combine classical acoustic instruments with electronic instruments, art-performances and workshops. Leading, top echelon musicians and performance artists of the Israeli experimental improvisation […]

Travel Tales

A series of lectures for the local community in Mitzpe Ramon, depicting remarkable locations the world over. Once a month, Travel Tales invites a lecturer, usually from among Mitzpe Ramon residents, to recount his special travel tale. Anthropology, botany, architecture and, especially, culture. Often, lecturers also offer insights into our life in the desert. The […]

The Desert Kindergarten Pilot

מיזם גן מדבר

The Desert Kindergarten Pilot is modeled after and planned according to the “Forest Kindergarten” concept that exists in Mitzpe Ramon. The project aims to establish a kindergarten that does not require a permanent physical structure (a building, classrooms, etc.), as per the model permitted and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of the State of […]

Good Neighbor-ship Project

מפגשי שכנות טובה

While Israeli Bedouins and Jews have lived and interacted on the Negev Highlands since the establishment of the State of Israel, they continue to live their lives separately, each group in its community, settlements, and townships. It is therefore that regular, informal meetings between neighbors are instrumental in eliminating the barriers created by prejudice, racist […]

The legalization and recognition of Bedouin villages

הסדרת התיישבות בדואית בהר הנגב

Legalizing and recognizing Bedouin settlements and villages is a socially sensitive, legally complex, and politically controversial issue. Along Road 40, between Sde Boker’s Agricultural College and Mitzpe Ramon, live approximately 1,250 Israeli Bedouins. Almost all of them are part of the Sarachin and Zayayadin clans that belong to the Azazme tribe. They live in four […]