Kederat Midbar – The Desert Cooking Pot

מיזם קדירת המדבר

Kederat Midbar is a social undertaking that aims to increase the interaction and cooperation between the various ethnic and social groups in the local community – with an emphasis on creating opportunities for women to join the workforce. This underlying concept is to promote a sustainable, local economy. Mitzpe Ramon is small, and remote. In […]

Wadi Aricha – the Hidden Village

ואדי אריכא

The village in Wadi Reir is also known as the Hidden Village. It is a small, unusual village in the Negev Highlands, tucked away in a wadi between Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon. The transition that its inhabitants – members of the Bedouin Azzazme tribe – have made, from nomadic life to permanent residence, is […]

Desert Stars – Fostering leadership in the Bedouin community

כוכבי המדבר

The Desert Stars project came into being after 2010. It was initiated by a group of Bedouin and Jewish businessmen and educators, all who are also local civic and social activists. They were motivated to invest in this project in light of the increasingly growing inequalities between Jewish and Bedouin society. The wider the gap […]

The Machtesh (Crater) Festival

The Machtesh (Crater) Festival is a Mitzpe Ramon tradition, annually celebrating the unique attachment of the town’s residents to the crater and its surroundings. The festival was organized by Ms. Efrat Kedem-Silbert, member of Keshet’s board, from 2013 to 2017. Keshet hopes to renew this heartening tradition. In 2005, Keshet initiated an event called “the […]

Nahal Hava Rehabilitation Initiative

The upper reaches of this beautiful wadi – a dry riverbed – are peppered with large, beautiful Tamarix trees and the remains of Byzantine farmhouses and agricultural terraces. Unfortunately, over the years, it became an illegal dumpsite. The members of Keshet assembled a group of dedicated residents to help rehabilitate this stretch of this wadi […]

Man & Earth – Environmental Education Center

Over the years, the Center, led by Ms. Ephrat Leibrook and Dr. Noa Avriel-Avni, has provided a home for numerous environmental educational programs in Mitzpe Ramon. The Center has held workshops for teachers and pupils, summer camps, and extra-curricular activities. Educational programs for adults included “Science and Environmental Activism” for teachers, “Art and the Environment” […]

Divshon Kindergarten

The establishment of a kindergarten with parental involvement in the spirit of the anthroposophical education at Midreshet Ben-Gurion The paucity of varied educational opportunities in the sparsely populated Negev Highlands discourages families from settling here. In 2014, a group of parents at the Midreshet Ben-Gurion  Academic Campus, being dissatisfied with the existing educational options for […]

Scenic View and Man – Geological Studies

To strengthen the connection between the local community and the desert expanse, Keshet sponsored a series of geological courses to expose the community to environmental research and to encourage science-based tourism in the area. The two courses were called “Innovation in researching the Negev Machteshim – Geology, Expanses and Man.” The course was coordinated by […]

Keshet Forest Kindergarten

גן יער - גן קשת

This unique educational institution was created in 2002 by parents seeking an environmentally-oriented educational alternative for their children. For this purpose, they started the Keshet Association. Over the years, it was supported by the local council and the Ministry of Education. This kindergarten allows the children to focus their daily activities according to their needs […]