Wadi Aricha – the Hidden Village

The village in Wadi Reir is also known as the Hidden Village. It is a small, unusual village in the Negev Highlands, tucked away in a wadi between Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon.

The transition that its inhabitants – members of the Bedouin Azzazme tribe – have made, from nomadic life to permanent residence, is fascinating.

Many of the villagers have adopted an ecological approach, which includes taking communal and ecological responsibility for their surroundings. Their understanding of the importance of preserving their environment was strengthened by the insights gained after being exposed, at a relatively late stage, to modern life.

The Hidden Village aims to develop into a unique hub for the preservation of Bedouin traditions, in the Negev Highlands, and turn it into a tourist destination.

Over the years, the members of Keshet have been advising and assisting the leaders and inhabitants of the village, in the process of converting the village into a pastoral, ecological settlement, and in promoting tourism to create more local employment.

The people of Wadi Aricha share their unique and enriching knowledge in various encounters with visitors, both from Israel and from around the world.

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